Welcome to the Balanda Medical Practice’s website!

My name is Dr Katalin Antalffy. As a neonatologist I mainly treat infants but in case I can help I am more than happy to see older kids up to 14 years of age.

Balanda rendelő

In my practice I work and make decisions based on the newest guidelines

It would be appreciated if you booked an appointment. No TAJ number or Hungarian address is required.

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Services / Prices

Paediatric/newborn examination (25-30 min)
15 000 Ft
DDH (developmental dysplasia if the hip) screening in infant (PE and US scan)
14 000 Ft
Blood sampling with topical pain relief
5 000 Ft + lab cost
Non-mandatory vaccination with topical pain relief
10 000 Ft


We do not accept payment in cash at the practice.

We accept payment via Simple Pay at booking or via credit/debit card at the office.

Invoice sent via email after the appointment.

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